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7 Tips to Effective Communication With Your Teen
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 Have you been frustrated with trying to communicate with your teen? Have you done everything to try to have a harmonious family life only to find yourself in the same old fights and power struggles? Are you exhausted of endless and mindless arguing over almost everything?

When you reach out for more information, are you finding all of the solutions point to either drugging your kids or scaring them through boot camp experiences? Are these strategies just not for you?

I am Jane Cabrera, and I have teens of my own. I have been caught up in the revenge cycle, said things I later regretted, and spent countless hours trying to make up for it to no avail. Over much time and self reflection, I found that as I looked within and understood my own  fears and motivations, I was able to communicate with my family in a much more effective way.

As The Parent Success Coach, my goal is to save you the years of anguish. I want you to have a harmonious family life right now. My approach is to work with you, the parent. I believe that you already have everything you need to make a positive influence on your children and to create the family life that you desire and deserve.  I believe that as a parent you are part of the behavioral dynamic. As you learn more about the dynamic and your role, you become empowered to respond in a more effective manner, that allows you to express your true intentions for yourself and your family. Empowered with relevant knowledge and lots of encouragement, you are able to create change in the existing dynamic. Parents like you have found these strategies easy to learn and have been able to implement them easily for immediate results.

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To Your Family,

Jane Cabrera
The Parent Success Coach

The Parent Success Coach


"I started Jane's coaching program with the expectation of learning skills I would use sometime in the future, but what actually happened was more immediate. It was like this stronger person hiding inside of me suddenly decided to show up and handle my life right here, right now . Jane's coaching methods brought out abilities I didn't realize I had to handle crisis events calmly and without drama. Thank you Jane!"                                               

- Karen M, Hallandale Beach, FL


From this Report You will Discover...

How To:

▪ Understand your role in the dynamic.

▪ Improve your listening skills for immediate results.
▪ Empower your children to solve their own problems, offering them guidance.

▪ Replace negative motivational messages with encouragement.

▪ Increase your influence in your family.

▪ Enhance your confidence in your role as the parent.